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Term of use


ATWO-EU, with registered offices in Via Gioacchino Rossini, 2 – 41012 Carpi (MO) Italy, (Contractor), is the owner of the website www.atwo-eu.com (the Site).

2.1 The purpose of this document is to define the terms and conditions for accessing the Site, registering on it and using the services offered (the Contract) by both natural persons and legal entities (User). Failure to register on the Site prevents the use of the services offered. It is possible to request registration on the site and access the download / upload functions through the Contact form – technical department and then through direct agreements with the Head of the Office. (legal entities).
2.2 By accessing the Site or its contents, by consulting and downloading or otherwise using the Website, one agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of this document and to comply with all applicable provisions of the Law.
2.3 The conditions set out in this document are deemed valid in addition to other terms that are valid as by contract or conditions of distribution, licensing, sales or other applicable terms and conditions.

Registration procedure
3.1 Registration of the User to the Site is done by completing a Registration Request through the Contact Form – Technical Department, in fact, through direct agreements with the Head of the Office. In the event of incorrect data entry or modification of the data, the User shall have the right to request the modification at any time by contacting ATWO-EU by e-mail at the address indicated in the following Article 13.1.
3.2 By registering, the User will be assigned a User ID and a Password (Registration). The User ID and Password will allow the User to enjoy the services offered by ATWO-EU on the website (the Services), subject to the specific terms and conditions applicable to it.
3.3 The User ID and Password are strictly personal and non-transferable. The User agrees not to disclose them to third parties and to guard and protect them with the utmost diligence. The User will be solely responsible for the use of his/her User ID and Password by third parties.
3.4 The User agrees to immediately notify ATWO-EU of any loss or theft of the User ID or Password via e-mail to the address indicated in the following Article 13.1. In the event of a loss of Password, the User may retrieve the Lost Password by following the specific instructions on the Retrieve Password page in the private area.
3.5 ATWO-EU, in its discretion, may refuse registration.

4. Conclusion of this Agreement
In order to conclude this Agreement, the User must complete, by electronic means as indicated above, the Registration Request and send it to ATWO-EU and await an acceptance email and confirmation of the registration. This Agreement is intended to be terminated upon receipt by the User of the User ID and Password sent by ATWO-EU itself.

5. Fruition of Services
ATWO-EU has the right to change at any time and at its sole discretion the content and the functional and operational modalities of the Site, also taking into account the need to comply with the laws.

6. Canceling the Registration
ATWO-EU reserves the right in any case to cancel the Registration at any time. In this case the User will lose the right to use the User ID and the Password and the use of the Services. Access to the restricted area: The service may be suspended for non-compliance with the terms of contract. The services offered are provided AS THEY ARE and ATWO-EU reserves the right to suspend such services without prior notice.

7. Obligations of the User
The User agrees to use the Site and Services in such a way that:
a. All the provisions contained in this Agreement and in the Disclaimer, all legal provisions and general terms and conditions relating to the Services (such as the general conditions of supply of the products or services of ATWO-EU) are respected;
b. No legal provisions are violated;
c. No rights of third parties are infringed, including, but not limited to, industrial and / or intellectual property rights;
d. No false and / or misleading information is placed on the site;
e. No pornographic, racist, obscene, blasphemous, defamatory or otherwise offensive messages and / or material are placed on the site;
f. The rules, ethical principles and good behavior are respected.

8. User Warranties
The User acknowledges and warrants that he/she has full and exclusive ownership of any Trademarks (as defined in Article 10 below) and any information and content provided to ATWO-EU and that their use by ATWO-EU under this Agreement does not infringe any third party’s rights or violate applicable laws and / or regulations.

9. Limitations of liability of ATWO-EU
9.1 ATWO-EU is in no way responsible for any damages arising out of the use of the Site and Services including loss of business opportunities, lost profits, loss of data.
9.2 ATWO-EU assumes no responsibility for the delay, malfunction, suspension or interruption of connection to the Site and / or Services caused by:
a. Events of “force majeure”, by way of example and not obligatory, an event among the following: interruption of electricity, telephone lines or connection to the network by third parties, strikes, industrial disputes, wars, State reasons or Civil or military authorities, embargoes, vandalism and terrorist acts, epidemics, floods, earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters, incorrect use by the Site User and / or Services, any other cause not attributable to ATWO-EU;
b. Operating defects of the connection equipment used by the User;
c. Technical Damage to the computer equipment of ATWO-EU or its ISP (Internet Service Provider).
9.3 ATWO-EU does not guarantee:
a. The fact that the Services or the products offered on the Site do not violate laws, regulations, third party rights or authority measures;
b. The correctness and conformity of the information regarding the Services or the products offered on the Site;
c. Any inaccuracies, imprecisions, errors or omissions in the content and information contained on the Site and / or offered to Customers through the Services.
d. ATWO-EU therefore, does not respond to any loss, damage or liability suffered by the User as a result of claims, actions and / or claims of the Customer and / or third parties concerning: inaccuracies, imprecisions, errors or omissions of the contents and of the information present on the Site and / or offered to Customers through the Services; violations of law and / or third party rights in relation to the information and content contained on the Site and / or offered to Customers through the Services; defects in compliance and defects in the products offered on the Site.

10. Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights
10.1 The content and information available on the Site and / or offered to the User through the Services and the software used to provide the Services are the property of ATWO-EU or licensed by third parties, and are protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights (including database rights) recognized by applicable national, community and international law.
10.2 The User agrees not to download, reproduce, transmit, sell or distribute, in whole or in part, any content, and information available on the Site or received through the use of the Services and the software used to supply the Services without the express written permission of ATWO-EU.
10.3 The User acknowledges and agrees that the data for Registration as well as those subsequently provided to ATWO-EU will be included in a database created by ATWO-EU and of exclusive ownership of the latter.
10.4 Throughout the term of this Agreement, the User grants ATWO-EU the right, not exclusive and without territorial limitations, to use one or more distinctive signs of the User (the Trademarks) in order to fulfill the obligations arising out of this Agreement. The license to use the Trademarks includes the non-exclusive right of ATWO-EU to use them as part of its marketing and communication activities, always in full respect of the User’s image. The User has, however, the right to prevent the latter from using the Trademarks by giving written notice to ATWO-EU.

11. Links and reference sites
In addition to the provisions of the Disclaimer, ATWO-EU does not guarantee access to the sites that may post any links placed on the Site and the truthfulness and completeness of the contents posted on these sites. ATWO-EU does not assume any liability for any errors and / or omissions in them, nor for any breach of third party laws and rights.

12. Protection of personal data
12.1 The data provided by the User at the time of registration and thereafter, will be processed by ATWO-EU in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Decree 196/2003), according to principles of fairness, legality and transparency in compliance with security measures, with or without the use of electronic and / or automated means and for the purposes that follow:
– the fulfillment of the obligations laid down by the laws of the State, by the regulations and community or international legislation;
– the use of the Services including the performance of any prior or necessary activity for the conduct of electronic commerce services;
– commercial communications relating to the services offered by ATWO-EU, business opportunities, consultancy services, marketing, promotion and advertising, also via the Internet, market research and statistical surveys.
12.2 The consent to the processing of data for the purposes set forth in the Privacy Notice is required to comply with legal and contractual obligations. The consent to the treatment is necessary to obtain information about the business opportunities offered by ATWO-EU.
12.3 The User, previously informed, pursuant to art. 13 of Decree 196/2003, regarding the purposes of the use of the data, with the acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, gives its consent to the processing and dissemination of the same data by ATWO-EU in Italy and in European Union countries or the rest of the world.
12.4 The holder of the processing of personal data is ATWO-EU. The User may, at any time, contact ATWO-EU in order to assert the rights referred to in art. 7 of Decree 196/2003 and, free of charge, consult, request an update, integrate and rectify their data, and to oppose in whole or in part to their processing.

The User may, for this purpose, contact the data holder by writing to:
ATWO-EU, based in Via Gioacchino Rossini, 2 – 41012 Carpi (MO) Italy– info@atwo-eu.com

13. Communications – Archiving
Any communication relating to this Agreement will be sent to:
– the User, by e-mail, at the ordinary postal address or e-mail address at the time of registration;
– ATWO-EU, to the e-mail address info@atwo-eu.com
Unless otherwise provided for above, communications may also be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt by the User, at the address indicated in the Registration Request, and by ATWO-EU to the address mentioned in the previous article 12.4.

14. Amendments to this Agreement
The User acknowledges and agrees that ATWO-EU may modify this Agreement at any time by giving timely communication. The continued use of the Site and / or the Services will consider the changes made to this Agreement as accepted. It is understood that acceptance of the changes to this Agreement by the User may not be partial and must be understood to refer entirely to the proposed changes.

15. Applicable Law and Competent Court
15.1 This Agreement is governed by Italian law.
15.2 Any dispute arising out of the interpretation, execution and / or termination of this Agreement shall be devolved to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Modena – Italy.

16. Navigating in the site pages, some so-called technical cookies may be installed on the user’s browser. These are cookies that only serve to allow for a better navigation experience but do not allow the storage of any personal data that can be used for other purposes. In order to have statistical data on visits to the site, further cookies may be installed on the same browser, but will not allow either the site owner or third parties to track back to the identity of the User and will be used solely for the purpose of registration, in an aggregate way, the data relating to additional access to these pages, except in the case of Customers registered to the site and accessing the restricted area, thus activating the identification procedures already accepted and regulated by the same, at the time of voluntary registration on the site.
By accepting this Agreement, pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 1341 and 1342 c.c., the User declares that he has read and specifically approves the following provisions: Art. 6 (Cancellation of the Registration), Art. 9 (Limitations of Liability of ATWO-EU), Art. 10 (Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights), Article 11 (Links and Reference Sites), Article 12 (Personal Data Protection), Article 14 (Modifications to this Agreement and General Conditions of Services), Article 15 (Applicable Law and Competent Court).