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Welcome to the official web site of AHNAN TOMARI-TE WORLD ORGANIZATION – EUROPE BRANCH.


This website was created to provide information on the martial arts that created the karate of Tomari (Tomari-te) the famous harbor village of Okinawa.

Many karate practitioners know that the Shuri and Naha systems, respectively known as Shuri-te and Naha-te, inspired many Okinawa masters to create their respective schools, which they then transformed into the contemporary karate styles known today. Few however, know that without the rich contribution of TOMARI-TE, the styles of SHOTOKAN, SHOTOKAI, SHITO-RYU, WADO-RYU, SHORIN-RYU, RYUEI-RYU, to name a few, would have ended up with less than half of their kata in their curriculum.
If you have questions about our organization, history, curriculum or forms you can contact us through this website or through ATWO website. If you are interested in hosting an introductory seminar in Europe please contact M. Braglia for more information at
ATWO Europe Branch Coordinators

19.740 km

Carpi, Modena - Italy | Tomari, Okinawa - Japan

   The Ahnan Tomari-te World Organization (ATWO) was developed to preserve the connection between Taoist China and Okinawa. Its founder and Head of the Style or ‘Soke’ is Mr. A.F. Walker, Grandmaster of the Pyong Hwa Do and long-time practitioner of the Tsong Quo Chuen. Soke was initially taught the ancient forms by his teacher, Master Kushubi who, amongst other things, was preserving ancient Tibetan forms, old Okinawan forms and very ancient Chinese forms.

The specific purpose of forming the ATWO was to preserve the “lost” Kata of Okinawa…..

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